The ski boot is the most important interface between the skier and the snow. The boot must transmit the information coming from the terrain to the skier and send back the power produced by the athlete, it must be a subtle mix of agressivity, tolerance and fluidity adapted to the style and morphology of each skier. However, performance doesn’t neccessarily mean that they need to be instruments of torture.

    Our “Know How”consists of finding the best compromise between comfort and performance. In order to do this, we are fully equiped with the latest high performance equipment which is constantly evolving. Our years spent working with “the champions” have given us an excellent knowledge of each of the various techniques used to optimise ski boots. Our goal is to allow you to ski to the maximum of your potential, in comfort all year long.

Which Service?

pascal lemoine
jure croatia

Where and How?

The Bootroom can fit your boots in our workshops in Passy or follow a group of racers on your training camps in France, on the glaciers of Europe or on the other side of the world.

You have just received your new boots?

You can’t find the top level service you are looking for?
You need some essential add on accessories?

Two independant boot technicians are now available to help you reach your goals. From the young club racer to the world number 1, we can help you prepare your boots for the upcoming season.

Used to following the national teams all over the world, we are reactive and our equipment can be installed in any kind of skiroom

Don’t hesitate, contact us to discuss the improvements that we can give you to help you gain those precious fractions of a second.

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