Indispensable Accessories

A selection of accessories for your ski boots to provide increased comfort and protection or simply customise your boots with that personal touch. Many other products are also available, please contact us for details.

Boot Sole Protectors

Rubber sole protectors are indispensable to protect your boots from undue wear and to allow proper binding function. They should always be used when boot soles have been canted. Three sizes available : 21/23, 24/26, 27/29.

Universal Trim to Fit Footbeds

These footbeds are simply cut to size and can be used in any kind of footwear and not just in ski boots. They are an ideal complement to the custom footbeds in your skiboots when used in general sports footwear. We have different types and volumes of footbed from both Conformable and Superfeet. Available in all sizes

Booster Elastic Powerstraps

These elastic powerstraps increase rebound, provide smooth, progressive flex and keep the tongue of the boot snugly against the leg thus  lessening shin problems. They are available in 4 different strengths : Kids, Soft, Medium and World Cup.

Epitact Tibia Protection

Silicone gel tibia protection whose mechanical and viscoelastic properties are similar to those of skin tissue. Prevents and relieves pain associated with pressure, blisters and rubbing of the tibia on tongues of ski boots. Re-useable and washable up to 30 times. Comes in a self sealing package.

conformable insole
superfeet footbed
booster strap
hot gear bag

Hot Gear Bags

These heated boot bags are dual voltage with both 220/240 volt and also 12 volt for use in the car. They have seperate drying compartments for gloves, googles and socks and come complete with shoulder straps, backpack straps and a changing pad. The temperature is adjustable and the bags are fully insulated. There is nothing like putting on warm boots in the morning and once you have tried these you will never go back to traditional bags.

National Team Buckles

Customise your boots with these buckles individually decorated with the national flag.

Countries available : France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, U.K. and the U.S.A. Limited availability.

national team buckles

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