Our experience acquired during these 20+ years of "in store bootfitting " and World Cup technical work gives us a unique knowledge in ski boots and an thorough overall view of the market.

Currently working with clients ranging from beginners to Olympic champions, we have adapted our manner of speaking and explanations to those to whom we are talking.

The Bootroom can offer customized training in the fields of ski boots, feet and biomechanics.

These training courses can be for all levels and in both independent shops, groups of stores or manufacturers.

For example, we can offer entry-level courses, including all stages of ski boot sales. These are designed for your new sales teams before the beginning of the winter season. They will learn the basics of bootfitting with a consulting approach and a method of sale by using the shape and volume of ski boot shells and an initial awareness of the importance of footbeds.

For teams of already experienced sales personnel, we can offer more technical training courses on the transformation and modification of boot shells, and on the various custom molding techniques for different types of footbeds and inner boots.

For manufacturers, we can offer training either to retailers or for your sales force.

Here are some examples of courses that we have performed in the past:

Salomon : Training for French retailers on Salomon ski boots for 3 seasons.

Lange : Training for French retailers on Lange ski boots at a campus in Gap.

TDS / Twinner : Co-creator of the bootfitting label of the buying group. Creation and implementation of bootfitting training courses .

Superfeet : 4 years of training for retailers concerning footbeds and biomechanics of the foot.

SBE : Participation in a program for an interactive DVD for in-depth training in sports stores.

Sidas Conformable : Training on the implementation of custom insoles and injection inner boots.

Snow and Rock (UK) : Training of Heads of Department and Internal Trainers and Managers.


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