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Where can you find us?

What we do

We have been involved in working with skiboots for over 15 years. Since the creation of the renowned “Footworks” store in Chamonix in 1992, our objective has always been to offer all levels of the skiing public a service that corresponds to their expectations.

The ski boot is the most important element of your skiing equipment. Whether you are a seasoned racer or a beginner a badly adapted boot can ruin your day. Who hasn’t had the painful sensation of having to take off your boots after every run ? Or again the need to tighten all your buckles up to the maximum so that your skis go in the direction you want them to ?

sanglard bootroom

Ski Boots

Our job is to find the ski boot model that is the best adapted to the shape and volume of your foot, but also to your technical level, the type of skiing you prefer and to your morphology. For you we have selected a large range of products from these manufacturers : Salomon, Lange, Rossignol, Fischer, Nordica, Head, Atomic, Tecnica, Scarpa and Garmont. The number of models we carry allows us to have a large choice of shapes and widths in many different stiffness’s from the very narrow to the very wide. The choice of the shell last is one of the most important steps in the purchase of your ski boots. This shell can then be stretched and adapted to be as close as possible to your own foot shape. So in fact, if you have a large ankle or a bump on your first metataral don’t worry, we can easily make space for it. We have all the neccessary equipment to grind and stretch ski boot shells.


We also advise you to replace the original insoles in the boots with a more appropriate product. If you already have Conformable, Superfeet or orthotics made by a podiatrist, we can certainly use them. If you don't and where appropriate, we are equipped to make you a new pair. The insole guarantees the correct positioning of your foot in the boot and will give you more stability, support and equalise pressure under the foot. The result: increased comfort, better foot hold and more precision in your skiing.

Custom Liners

For special cases or special requests, we can replace the inner boot with a model in 100% thermo-moldable foam  or injected PU foam. We work with Conformable, Palau and Intuition for these inner boots. The thermo-mouldable inners are made from EVA foam, lightweight, very comfortable and very warm. They are often used in ski touring boots and by mountain guides. The injected PU liners are stiffer and much more accurate in the sensations that they procure, and are more resistant over time. They are usually reserved for good skiers looking for a tight, precise fit. They are injected with polyurethane foam.

Once the shells, insoles and liners are molded, it is time to go out skiing and test everything. And if after a few days of use there are still some painful issues, we will adapt the shell and liner until they are as comfortable as possible.

When you buy your ski boots from one of the Bootroom's technicians in one of the stores we work with, you only pay the normal price of the boots and footbeds, if you do not already have them. All the bootfitting is offered free of charge by the store concerned.

You already have boots that don't seem suitable for your feet? We will certainly have an answer, come and see us and together we can find the best solution for you.

Private Clients

If you would like us to prepare your equipment but are unable to come and see us because of work commitments or personal reasons, we can provide a special one to one fitting session with you anywhere in the world. In the past we have travelled throughout Europe and in Russia providing a top quality service in utmost discretion to those that require it. If you would like to know more about the possibilities of this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.