Custom Modification

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Grinding and Stretching

Modern racing boots have a standard shape and this needs to be customised for each specific foot. In some areas the plastic can be heated and stretched in order to better conform to the particularities of the foot, in others the plastic can be ground out using special carbide burrs. Most racing boots have a substantial thickness of plastic which allows us to create a complete custom shape for maximum comfort and performance. Boot shell work is very common as we need the shell to be as close as possible to the foot for maximum performance.

Custom Vacumn Moulded Footbeds

A custom moulded footbed is one of the most important parts of your ski boot set-up. It creates increased stability and will reduce movement and friction whilst keeping the foot in the correct position inside the boot. We use high definition vacumn moulding systems and reinforced resin bases to produce footbeds offering high levels of support and tolerance with a very thin profile. These footbeds allow us to maximise lifter height under the boot for increased leverage and diminish the risk of boot out.

Polyurethane Foam Injected Inner Boots

If you have comfort problems or a lack of precision with your current liners or perhaps they are worn out and you simply need to change them, we can replace them with a custom polyurethane foam injected liner. These inners are injected with liquid P.U. foam which then hardens to make an exact mold of your foot providing maximum precision and comfort. They will normally last longer than standard liners as the foam is denser.

Polyurethane Foam Injected Inner Tongues

If you have recurrent tibial problems or have suffered from periostitis or shin splints, this could be the answer for you. This tongue is asymmetrical and fully customisable with P.U. foam and can be adapted to almost all types of inner boots. They are available in 4 different sizes.

The first step in the bootfitting process is to deal with any comfort issues. This is extremely important if you wish to have a high performance boot that you can wear all day. Here we will stabilise the foot inside the boot and adapt the boot shell to the exact shape of your foot.

shell grinding

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